Traducio del inglés por Karl-Heinz Holtschmit M., Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Campus Guaymas.

A comprehensive handbook covering the histology of non-diseased penaeid shrimp.
Accurate and timely disease diagnosis has become a crucial component of modern shrimp production systems. Growers, regulators, and researchers increasingly depend upon disease status information as part of the decision making process. A Handbook of Normal Penaeid Shrimp Histology is a comprehensive handbook covering the histology of non-diseased penaeid shrimp, from which to define and identify diseased shrimp. The volume contains a brief review of techniques for collection, fixation or preservation, transport, embedding and staining of samples followed by sections on 19 organ systems. Each section contains multiple, large-format, high resolution B&W micrographs and captions. This handbook pulls together information from a wide variety of sources to present a thorough review of the normal histology of penaeid shrimp. Over 100 references to relevant literature are conveniently presented according to organ system. A comprehensive table of contents and index are included.

Edited by Thomas A. Bell and Donald V. Lightner,1988, fourth printing: 2000

Softcover;114 pages;67 micrographs