Fellow of WAS Awards

A Fellow of the World Aquaculture Society is defined as "a member who has made outstanding achievements in aquaculture science, industry, outreach or extension as recognized by his/her peers." Examples of outstanding advancement can be in research, education, technology, service to professional societies, administration in academia, industry or government, or on abilities in communicating and interpreting aquaculture science to the public. 

Election as a Fellow of the World Aquaculture Society is an honor bestowed upon members of the World Aquaculture Society by their peers on behalf of their meritorious efforts to advance aquaculture.



Dr. Sandra E. Shumway 2011

Mr. Lorenzo M. Juarez 2011

Dr. Geoffrey L. Allan 2011

Dr. Craig Browdy 2012

Dr. M.C. Nandeesha 2012 Deceased

Dr. Patrick Sorgeloos 2012

Dr. Jay Parsons 2013

Dr. Michael Masser 2013

Dr. Lou D’Abramo 2013

Dr. Nigel Preston 2014

Dr. Wagner Valenti 2014

Dr. Thomas Losordo 2014

Dr. Jeong-Yeol Lee 2015

Dr. Kevan Main 2016

Dr. Joe Tomasso 2016

Dr. Craig Tucker 2017

Dr. John Hargreaves 2017

Dr. John Liu 2017

Dr. Rex Dunham 2018

Dr. Dinesh Kaippilly 2018

Dr. Jeff Hinshaw 2019

Dr. Frank Asche 2022

Dr. Kevin Fitzsimmons 2022

Dr. María Célia Portella 2022


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