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Catfish Days - From Belzoni to the Big Apple

“Catfish Days” covers the catfish farming industry’s rough and tumble early years, before pushing into the rich Mississippi Delta and Black Belt region, and beyond.

Mike McCall


256 pages including a 16-page photo insert


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Sea Bass and Sea Bream A Practical Approach to Disease Control and Health Management

Farmed sea bass and sea bream are high-value fish, making significant contributions to the economies of many countries. This important book gives particular emphasis to rapid diagnosis and response to the most dangerous pathologies, which can cause severe economic losses in affected fish farms. This book will be an essential purchase for fish farm operatives and managers, veterinarians, fish health managers and inspectors, consultants, fish pathologists, microbiologists, and parasitologists. By Pierpaolo Patarnello, Niccolo Vendramin HB (spiral) ISBN: 9781910455791


Cleaner Fish Biology and Aquaculture Applications

Cleaner Fish Biology and Aquaculture Applications reviews and presents new knowledge on the biology of the utilized cleaner fish species, and provides protocols in cleaner fish rearing, deployment, health and welfare.

Edited By: Jim Treasurer

ISBN: 9781912158218

464 pages, hardcover 2018


Largemouth Bass Aquaculture

Largemouth Bass Aquaculture is an important resource for those working in aquaculture, including fish farm operatives and managers, veterinarians and fish health managers, inspectors and consultants. Personnel within companies supplying the aquaculture industry with feed, technical equipment and pharmaceuticals will find a wealth of useful information within this book. Libraries in all universities and establishments teaching and researching aquaculture, fish biology, ichthyology, fisheries, aquatic sciences and veterinary studies should have copies of this comprehensive book on their shelves.

James Tidwell, Shawn Coyle, Leigh Anne Bright

Publication date: 2019


Hardback 278 pages


Understanding Aquaculture

Understanding Aquaculture includes contents and case studies drawn from throughout the world, making it international in scope. It will fulfill the public demand for information about aquaculture product while also being a valuable resource for students and personnel working across all sectors of the aquaculture industry.

Jesse Trushenski

Publication date: 2019

ISBN: 9781789180114

Hardback 274 pages


Aquaculture Businesses: A Practical Guide to Economics and Marketing

This exciting new book provides practical guidance and advice for individuals who are seeking to manage and develop a successful aquaculture business.

Carole Engle (Ed)

Publication date 2020

ISBN: 9781789180510

Hardback 344 pages

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