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June 01, 2021

World Aquaculture 2021 Meeting Dates Updated

Due to circumstances beyond the control of the Organizing Committee and all those involved in the realization of the event, we are forced to move the date one week prior to what was originally scheduled. We regret the inconvenience that this modifica...

May 26, 2021

Genomics and feed teams take aim at improving freshwater prawn aquaculture

Freshwater shrimp farmers will soon have the option of purchasing all-female postlarvae (PL), juveniles and broodstock with a genomic sequence that gives them greater disease resistance, better food conversion rates and faster growth rates. Enzoot...

May 13, 2021

New Video Promoting JWAS

We have had a promotional video created for the Journal of the World Aquaculture Society. Help us promote submissions to JWAS.

May 13, 2021

Journal of the World Aquaculture Society Editor's Choice Awards for April 2021

Successful training of traditional farmers to adopt new methods can have rapid and upscalable benefits in many aquaculture contexts. Widowati et al. followed the production performance of a group of 125 traditional milkfish and shrimp farmers in Indo...

May 13, 2021

WAS Meetings Update – All Meetings going forward as In-Person Events

Because of the vastly improved situation with COVID-19, all WAS meetings scheduled in the future are now going forward as planned and will be in-person live events at their planned location. If there are any changes, we will let you know. We cont...

April 17, 2021

Collaborative knowledge dissemination to strengthen technology to innovate aquaculture production

Aquaculture has been growing at a significant pace over the last few decades. However, the impulse it once had is starting to wane. Projections show that the average annual growth rate of aquaculture should slow from 4.6% in 2007–2018 to 2.3% in 2019...

March 16, 2021

Editor's Note - Aquaculture and Covid — One Year On

It is now just about one year since the first stay-at-home orders were issued as the global COVID-19 pandemic began to rage. There are now signs of hope that the worst of the pandemic may be over and that green shoots of recovery are at hand, despite...

February 18, 2021

Journal of the World Aquaculture Society Editor's Choice Awards for February 2021

Claude Boyd and Aaron McNevin apply their exceptional knowledge to review energy use, and wastage, in aeration for shrimp operations. The range of energy use on shrimp farms is extremely large. It extends from 11.4 to 41.6 GJ/t shrimp across the vari...

February 18, 2021

The impact of the COVID‐19 pandemic on aquaculture research

Few of us would have considered the possibility of a global pandemic at the beginning of 2020, and most of us had quite specific plans of what we wished to achieve in the year ahead. Yet as the year progressed, researchers in aquaculture in every cor...

February 05, 2021

New Dates Announced for World Aquaculture Singapore

To ensure that as many participants as possible can attend World Aquaculture 2020 in Singapore, we have moved the dates to December 5 - 8, 2021

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President's Column

Dear World Aquaculture Society members. First, I would like to pay my respects to all the friends and family who we have lost during these unprecedented difficult times. The COVID pandemic has had a high cost at all levels and has taught us rough lessons. For most, it has been a time to reevaluate the priorities in our lives and value everything we have. The pandemic has not only hurt us at a personal level but also has had a high impact on the aquaculture sector, which has been one of the most affected by it, as stated in several studies performed by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). Today, more than ever, we need to stay together and support each other. Today, more than ever, we need a strong World Aquaculture Society that is close and serves the more than 19 million people that make their direct livelihood through aquaculture and many million more that work along the value chain.   [more..]