Aquaculture Europe 2019
October 7 - 10, 2019 - Berlin, Germany
Abstract Instructions

Aquaculture Europe 2019 encourages the submission of high quality oral and poster presentations. We strongly encourage authors to consider poster presentations because poster sessions will be an integral part of the programme. Papers submitted for "oral presentation preferred" may not be accepted as oral presentations due to the limited number of available time slots. All abstracts must be in English - the official language of the conference.

The selection of abstracts is based upon several criteria, but the most important one is quality. Our guidelines have therefore been updated to reflect this. Please take time to read them and ensure that you follow them. Abstracts that do not will not be assessed for inclusion.

Each oral presenter shall be entitled to no more than 15 minutes for a presentation, plus 5 minutes for questions. Authors of studies involving proprietary products or formulations should present this information in workshops or the trade show. Oral presentations should use PowerPoint. Overhead and slide projectors and video players will not be available.

Posters will have a prominent place in Aquaculture Europe meetings:

  • Presenters that send a PDF or Power Point version of their poster four weeks before the conference will have their poster reviewed within the appropriate oral session.
  • Special poster viewing with authors present is provided during the happy hours.
  • Besides this, posters will be easily accessible during the lunch breaks.
  • In the programme book, special mention will be made in the oral session lists of where the relevant posters can be found.
  • Prizes will be awarded during the wrap-up session for Best Poster and Best Student Poster.

All presenters are required to pay their own registration, accommodation and travel expenses. Aquaculture Europe cannot subsidize registration fees, travel or hotel costs.

No Abstract Book will be printed - a compilation will be provided online and a mobile phone app to registered delegates.

Instructions for preparation of 2-page abstracts
Abstract Format – Please refer to the sample.
  1. Title of paper: type in bold in upper-case letters (= full capitals) and the scientific names in the title in italics; leave two lines between title and author(s).
  2. Author(s): the first letters of both first and last names must be capitalised; leave one line between author(s) and affiliation. The first name should be the presenting author, followed by co-author names. Use * after the presenting author. Type in upper/lower case.
  3. Address and Email: (in point 9) leave two lines between affiliation and text. Only the e-mail address of the contact person should be provided.
  4. Headings of sections: type bold (not in full caps); space above should be two single lines for the first section header and one and a half lines above all the other section headers; space below section header should be half a line (or 6pt) only.
  5. Text: typing must be single spaced; space between paragraphs can be half a line (or 6pt); paragraphs should begin flush with the left margin of the text, not indented.
  6. Maximum length: two pages
  7. Page size: standard A4 paper (210mmX297mm) (portrait)
  8. Margins: left margin=4.2cm; right margin=4.2cm; margin top=2cm; margin bottom=4cm.
  9. Font: Times New Roman 10 point.
  10. Photos, Figures and Tables: should be included if relevant. They should be reduced to the appropriate size to fit on the page and should be clearly readable.

Help documents (PDF format)
Detailed Guidelines
Example Page1
Example Page2

Abstract Submission - Step 1

You must read the Instructions and check the box to continue.
Your abstract must conform to the specification for abstract formatting.