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World Aquaculture Society Calendar of Events

Listing any event on the World Aquaculture Society (WAS) website is only a courtesy to the industry and does not imply a sponsorship by WAS nor does it give any permission specific or implied to use the WAS name, logo or the names/logos of our Chapters. Permission to use the WAS names and logos including Chapters can only be given by written approval from the WAS President or Executive Director.

February 2017
Location: Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort Bali, Indonesia
The Economist Events' World Ocean Summit will be held in Bali, Indonesia, on February 22nd-24th 2017 and will bring a critical eye to the vital issue of how to finance a sustainable ocean economy. Our aim is ambitious: to mobilise a new discussion on how capital and the private sector can drive scalable, sustainable investment in the ocean. Your contribution to the discussion is vital. At the World Ocean Summit you will: • Meet with ESG and impact investors, decision makers and government officials who can drive scalable, sustainable investment in the ocean • Discover investments opportunities in the ocean economy • Learn about emerging blue industries and solutions to overcome the problem of overfishing and pollution • Hear from businesses that are working with governments and academia to build sustainable best practices and lead change • Discuss the role of marine protected areas (MPAs) and sustainable aquaculture Featured speakers: • Anwar Hossain Manju, minister of environment and forests, Bangladesh • Heraldo Muñoz, minister of foreign affairs, Chile • Susi Pudjiastuti, minister of maritime affairs and fisheries, Indonesia • Karmenu Vella, commissioner for environment, maritime affairs and fisheries, European Commission • U Ohn Win, minister of natural resources and environmental conservation, Myanmar • Amina Mohammed, minister of environment, Nigeria • Mark Burrows, managing director and vice-chairman, global investment banking and capital markets, Credit Suisse • Namita Vikas, group president and managing director, climate strategy and responsible banking, YES BANK For event updates, please follow us on Twitter via @Economist_WOS with the hashtag #OceanSummit
March 2017
The 7th Offshore Mariculture conference, held in conjunction with Inapesca, Conapesca and Sepesca, will take place on 6-10 March 2017 in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. Organised by Mercator Media Limited, publishers of World Fishing and Aquaculture. It will include the latest legislation, investment and financing opportunities together with the day to day practicalities of running an offshore business. A day and a half of technical visits to a number of fish farms will provide delegates with an insight into their inner workings.
Location: Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
The "Annual Seminar on Marine Science and Aquaculture" commenced in 2003 in Universiti Malaysia Sabah. It provided a platform to exchange knowledge about the marine ecosystem and development of aquatic food resources through sustainable fisheries and aquaculture. From 2014, this annual event was rebranded and is now known as the “International Conference on Marine Science and Aquaculture (ICOMSA)” The theme for ICOMSA 2017 is "New Frontier in Sustainable Marine Bioresources". This topic is of global relevance and is particularly important for a country such as Malaysia where marine ecosystem services play a significant role in socio-economic development, aquaculture industry is growing at a fast rate and seafood consumption is high. The conference program will be structured to include papers dealing with overcoming the challenges through innovative solutions. Our goal is to demonstrate how science and new ideas can provide the best possible solutions to our ever-changing marine environment, and addressing existing and evolving challenges which are critical for ocean ecosystem balance and sustainability of benefits we derive from ocean-based economies such as fisheries, aquaculture, and ecotourism.
Location: AITCC Hotel, Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand
GIANT PRAWN 2017 (GP 2017) is poised to be the next big thing to happen in the global farming and conservation of freshwater prawns of the genus Macrobrachium. Although the name could be taken to refer only to the Giant Malaysian prawn M. rosenbergii, in fact the event will encompass all species of Macrobrachium that are currently farmed. This event will be held at Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangkok, Thailand from 20 - 24 March 2017, and is organized by Salin Krishna at Aquaculture and Aquatic Resources Management,SERD, AIT and Michael New, past President of WAS and EAS.. With nearly 30 invited international speakers, GIANT PRAWN 2017 presents global who-is-who of the research and industry supporting freshwater prawn. Our speakers include Peter Mather (Australia), Md Ayaz Hasan Chisty (Bangladesh), Patricia Moraes Valenti (Brazil), Wagner Cotroni Valenti (Brazil), Anthony Ostrowski (China), Yang Guoliang (China), Denis Lacroix (France), C. Mohanakumuran Nair (India), Endhay Kusnendar (Indonesia), Amir Sagi (Israel), ?Ilan Karplus (Israel), Mohd Fariduddin Othman (Malaysia), Nyan Taw and Soe Tun (Myanmar), Timothy Pickering (Pacific Islands, tbc), Nikolina Kovatcheva (Russia, tbc), Jose Fernandez Polanco (Spain), Rohana Subasinghe (Sri Lanka), I-Chiu Liao (Taiwan, tbc), Amararatne Yakupitiyage (Thailand), Uthiarat Na-Nakorn (Thailand), William Daniels (USA, tbc), James Tidwell (USA) and Tran Ngoc Hai (Vietnam). Selected papers presented at GIANT PRAWN 2017 will be published in a special edition of the Journal of the World Aquaculture Society (JWAS). The guest editors for this edition will be Salin Krishna and Michael New and the JWAS co-editor will be Lou D'Abramo. JWAS currently has an impact factor of 0.732. There will be farm tours on 24 March 2017 to prawn farms and hatcheries in Thailand, and a Trade Exhibition for aquaculture companies to participate. Leisure tours to different tourist attractions in Thailand will also be part of the Conference. Details from the website:
Location: Madrid, Spain
Conference Series LLC invites all the participants from all over the world to attend ‘5th Euro Global Summit on Aquaculture & Fisheries (Aqua Europe-2017) during March 30- 31, 2017 at Madrid, Spain which includes prompt Keynote, Oral and Poster presentations and Exhibitions. Aqua Europe-2017 will bring together leading aquaculture professionals, researchers and scientists, business delegates, industry professionals from around the world to discuss new findings and current issues pertaining to Aquaculture and Fisheries.This conference is an important forum for the presentation of new advances, research findings and the newest technologies in the fields of Aquaculture and Fisheries whether it is theoretical, experimental or applied. Conference Highlights- ? Aquatic Ecosystem and Aqua Farming Method ? Targets and tools for selective breeding of aquaculture species ? Biosecurity in Aquaculture ? Aquaculture Waste Management ? Climate Effects on Fish physiology and Growth ? Aquaculture disease, diagnostic and health management ? Aquaculture business Law, ethics and Policy ? Communication and fish behaviour ? Phytobiotics in Aquaculture ? HYDROPONICS: Present and future ? Biochemistry of marine animals ? Food Safety in Aquaculture ? Mycotoxins in Aquaculture ? Aquatic Immunology
April 2017
Location: Centre for Feed Technology (FôrTek), As, Norway
This 3-day course covers the principles of extrusion, the design of extrusion processes for aquatic feeds, as well as how the formulation interacts with the extrusion process. Principles learned will be demonstrated using the extruder in the Centre for Feed Technology pilot plant. The program provides a good background in general extrusion technology, but is specifically directed at aquafeed extrusion. The course is relevant to both single and twin screw extrusion technology. The course will cover topics from the basics of extruders and their configuration, through what is happening chemically and physically inside the extruder barrel, to an understanding of extruder dies and extruder instability.
May 2017
Location: Osaka, Japan
Aquaculture, also known as aquafarming, is the farming of fish, crustaceans, molluscs, aquatic plants, algae, and other aquatic organisms involving freshwater and saltwater cultivation under controlled conditions. Observing and understanding the dynamics of the oceans as well as managing, harvesting and culturing its resources in sustainable ways requires knowledge and smart technological solutions. This is the key place where the 6th Global Summit on Aquaculture and Fisheries emphasies on and young researchers and scholars share their valuable expriences which focus on the Conference theme: To Create and Disseminate the Knowledge of Aquatic Resources!!!!
Location: Osaka, Japan
Conference Series LLC invites all the participants from all over the world to attend ‘6th Global Summit on Aquaculture & Fisheries (CPD Accredited Event) during May 25-27, 2017 at Osaka, Japan which includes prompt keynote, Oral and Poster presentations and Exhibitions. Aquaculture Conference refers to the growth and development of advanced and ancient Aquaculture & Fisheries global wide/continent wide/country wide review and development towards sustainable aquaculture round the world.
June 2017
Location: Koelenmesse, Cologne, Germany
AQUAFEED HORIZONS 2017 - CALL FOR PRESENTATIONS - Deadline December 1, 2016 will once again hold it's popular international conference "Aquafeed Horizons" in Cologne, Germany as part of the new FVG Select grain and feed industries networking event being organized by Victam InternaOonal. The 10th in the series of international conferences for the commercial aquafeed industry will focus on advances in processing and formulation, that offer practical solutions to aquafeed companies in terms of product development, production efficiency, quality improvements and profitability. Papers are now invited from qualified presenters in the following subject areas, as they relate to the aquafeed sector: * advances in formulations for specific farmed species; * advances in formulations for different rearing systems; * advances in formulations for different lifestages; * protein or carb alternatives; * functional ingredients for animal health and growth, environmental impact, the manipulation of finished products, optimizing available raw materials; * regional feed markets and market direction; * food chain safety; * new aquafeed processing technology; * aquafeed processing efficiency; * aquafeed processing considerations when using novel ingredients; * impacts of processing on ingredients and finished feed quality; * regional feed markets and market direction; Language: English. Download the submission form from the conference website at
WORLD AQUACULTURE 2017 will be held in Cape Town with involvement from countries throughout the Africa continent and around the world. Aquaculture is rapidly growing in Africa and increasingly being integrated into the continent’s food systems; therefore 2017 is the perfect time for the world aquaculture community to focus on Africa.
A major international trade show at WORLD AQUACULTURE 2017 is the place to learn about the latest aquaculture technologies presented by exhibitors from around the world.
October 2017
Location: Toronto, Canada
Fisheries 2017 conference is going to held at Toronto, Canada during 02-04, 2017. Theme of the conference is New Era in Fisheries & Aquaculture. This is an excellent opportunity for the delegates from universities and institutes to interact with the world class scientists and eminent personalities.
Location: Solo, Indonesia
INVITATION TO PARTICIPATE THE 7th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF AQUACULTURE INDONESIA (ICAI) 2017 Dear Aquaculture Enthusiast, We are happy to invite you again to join in The 7th International Conference of Aquaculture Indonesia 2017 (ICAI 2017), which will be one of the most significant regional or global aquaculture events yet staged in Indonesia. This brochure is intended to encourage you to submit scientific papers during the conference or simply to be a participating member of the audience in the multiple sessions of the conference to gain the latest information about aquaculture developments of Indonesia especially and around the world in general. ICAI 2017 returns to be one of the favorite aquaculture meetings in Indonesia. This is the 7th event of ICAI which starting this year becomes the annual international forum for the aquaculture community – academics, researchers, students, market and industry analysts, government officials, policy makers and industry representatives organized and hosted by Indonesian Aquaculture Society (MAI). This conference is designed to encourage the exchange of ideas, information and knowledge between scientists and industry personnels on important issues in aquaculture and how finding solutions and supporting to the industry. This conference will be a meeting forum and current information sharing between scientists and business actors in aquaculture coming from all over places in Asian Pacific and other countries. The theme for ICAI 2017 is “Feeding the World and Making Prosperity through Sustainable aquaculture”. Global food demand increases 70% up to 2050 due to an increasing of the population. Economic crisis causing high unemployed people and high food demand has positioned aquaculture becoming an important industry sector as food supply and economic mover. Aquaculture is the world?s fastest growing food production sector by about 11 percent annually. Aquaculture in Indonesia is one of the most feasible means answering the expanding demand for fish, looking at the leveling off in the capture fisheries production and increasing demand for seafoods. Indonesia has a potential to be the greatest aquaculture producer in the world (67.7 millions MT per year) consisting of marine aquaculture sector (47 millions MT), brackishwater aquaculture sector (15 millions MT), and freshwater aquaculture sector (5.7 millions MT). However, this high potency is just utilized up to 11% and this will be a challenge to trigger for the Indonesia aquaculture stakeholders to be the greatest in the future. This high potency (population and fisheries resources) will result in attracting overseas aquaculture stakeholders to invest and to be t he players in Indonesia A sustainable aquaculture management is needed in Indonesia, including the development of infrastructure, investment, friendly environment, production and human resources. Future global aquaculture industry growth especially in Indonesia will be severely restricted if the aquaculture industry remains reliant on fishmeal and fish oil. So that in the future, aquaculture industry must reduce reliance on fishmeal and fish oil as a key ingredient in aquafeeds. A focus on looking for new sources omega-3 will be very important in developing sustainable aquafeeds. The next 10 years, Indonesia will face some great challenges for the sustainable development of aquaculture industry. This conference would allow us to look at many threats and opportunities and consider how to best manage the sustainable development of the global aquaculture industry especially toward sustainable future aquaculture industry in Indonesia. There will be plenary sessions and topics-based parallel class sessions for a two-days of the conference. The class sessions consist of (1) Diseases & Aquaculture Sustainability; (2) Aquaculture Management & Technology; (3) Feed Management & Nutrition; (4) Genetics & Breeding; (5) Aquaculture Business & Marketing (shrimp, finfish, seaweed, eel), and (6) Farmers Day & Applied Technology Forum. Due to limited presentation time slots, so only the selected papers will be orally presented, however other accepted papers will be presented in a poster exhibition. Indonesian aquaculture associations will actively involve in Aquaculture Business Class Sessions. International and regional experts in aquaculture will be invited to deliver keynote addresses during the conference. The names of the invited speakers will be finalized soon and will be posted in the website ( We extend an invitation to present your research results at the poster exhibition or parallel class discussion sessions. We hope that you will find out an interesting conference program and a fascinating exposition. Finally, we encourage you that you don?t want to miss The 7th ICAI 2017 ! We look forward to seeing you on October 26-28th, 2017 in Solo–Indonesia. Sincerely, Prof. Rokhmin Dahuri President MAI
November 2017
Location: Centro de Exposiciones Jockey
This event is the largest in its sector in Latin America and is held in Peru every two years since 2003 to promote the sale of Equipment, Supplies and Services for Fisheries & Aquaculture, including Boats and Parts, Fishing, Fish Farming, Feeding, Harvesting, Refrigeration, Processing and Distribution. Exhibitors are International and Local Manufacturers, Distributors and Suppliers of these products. We expect to open the show with around of 300 Exhibitors. Visitors are Owners, Directors, Managers, Supervisors, Technicians and Specialized Personnel from Fishing Factories and Fish Farming. We expect the visit of around 9,500 first-level Businessmen from Peru and Latin America during the three-days event
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