Closing the Reproductive Cycle of the Goliath Grouper in Colombia

Jaime Rojas, Adrian Devia, Paola Pinzon, Adriana Cortina, Marco Garzon, Silvia Sierra, Rafael Vieira, Linda Güiza, Mabel Mendoza, Andres Suarez, Jaime Faillace, Rafael Vergara, Maria Rosa Angarita and Daniel Benetti

Broodstock Formation, Spawning and Larval Culture of Hogfish

Elizabeth H. Silvy, Frederick Shopnitz and Cortney L. Ohs

The U.S. Needs Stronger Marine Aquaculture Data to Support Sustainable Seafood Growth

Kimberly Thompson, Luke Gardner, Halley E. Froehlich, Sarah E. Lester and Rebecca R. Gentry

Parasitic Cymothoid Isopods in Asian and Philippine Fish Species

Tanya Faye S. Muji, Joaquin R. Sorreta, Selwyn B. Briones, Jr., Justine Oliver S. Maquirang and Janice Alano Ragaza

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