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Increase of Productivity In Co-Culture Giant Freshwater Prawn (Macrobrachiumrosenbergii) and GOURAMY (Ospronemous gouramy) With BioflocTecnology System and Cage in Pond as Shelter

Susi Rosellia, Dasu Rohmana, Yuani Mundayana, Kesit Tisna Wibowo, Tri Wahyuni,  Linda Rahmi, Sri Hastuti, Bunga, Nendih

Giant freshwater prawn and gouramy were be prior of commodity that 're high priced of than another freshwater commodity.  Prawn and gouramy were co-cultured, where gouramy were rearing in cage at pond's prawn culture.  Function of cage behind as pond rearing for gouramy, it was too as sheltering for giant prawn.  Shelters by using prawn for pressured highly canibalisme on the moult.  In co-cultered by using biofloc technology system with added heterotroph bacteria and carbon organic's source.  In this experimental there were three treatments.  A).  density of 10 prawn/m2 without shelter (control), B). density of 30 prawn/m2 without shelter and C). 30 prawn/m2 and 20 gouramy/m2 in two cages.  This study was conducted for 120 days. The result of experiment indicated that survival rate, daily/specific growth rate and feed convertion rate of prawn in each tank were A).  83,7%, 4,08%/day, 1,02; B).  76,3%, 3,56%/day, 1,40; and C). 73,2%, 3,59% per day, 1,39.  And survival rate of gouramy were 88,8%, specific growth rate were 2,24% per day and feed convertion rate were 0,58. The existence of gouramy and added density of prawn in co-cultered system were able to incline productivity until 200% (7.4 ton/ha/years for prawn and 97.100 ind/ha/years for gouramy) than of poor density and without gouramy.  Based on analized of 1000 m2 would got utility about IDR 16.000.000, R/C ratio 2.5, cost of goods manufactured IDR 24,319/kg prawn  and IDR 2,042/ind gouramy.

Keys word:  Productivity, co-culture, giant freshwater prawn, gouramy, bioflocs, cage, shelter

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