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Budi Kurnia*, Dzikri Wahyudi and Hary Wuwungan
Karawang Aquaculture Business Development Center
Pusakajaya Utara, Cilebar, Karawang, Jawa Barat, Indonesia 41353


The models of integrated small-medium scale of mariculture bussines activity in brackishwater ponds had been initiated in the Aquaculture Bussines Center, Karawang.  Covering area of the 12 acres with 16 units of  standard ponds (0.5 ha)  and 6 units of small size (0.3 ha).  The mariculture activity  applied the semi-modern system   ponds with 4 units of reservoir and treatment  ponds, primary and secondary of inlet and oulet facilities, freshwater installation, houses and warehoses. The mariculture Commodities are  hybrid grouper, Asian Barramund and Japanese  pompano. The aquaculture activity started  from nursery phase (3 cm  of av. TL/fish) to  economical size (> 400 g/fish).  Number of ponds apllied to seed avalibility and fish market share. One cycle of mariculture activities in ponds conducted between 10-16 months with variations in survival rate between 50-70%. Based on the simulation of economic value for one cycle of activity, obtained the following data:

1.      The investment costs (bamboo-pen, netcages, houses and etc) of IDR 276,000,000 (own land).

2.      Total Production costs of IDR  1,445,700,000

3.      Production Value of  IDR 1,975,000,000

4.      B/C ratio  value of  1.37 and

5.      ROI value of 36.61%

The above Data indicate that mariculture activities in ponds have the good potential to be improved, especially with the increase in the value of fish survival rate in order to obtain a profitable and sustainable aquaculture activities.


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