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Dahlan*, Boyun Handoyo, Nana Sahnawi
Aquaculture Business Center (ABC) Karawang, West Java, Indonesia

Catfish is the one commodity that has been promoted for food security in Indonesia. The demand for quality seed is also increasing and has not been met to date. The problem of scarcity of seed remains a matter of urgency to solve. Problems on seed production of catfish is still small scale and is usually done as a sideline in the community so that continuity of production can not be relied upon. ABC Karawang has made a prototype big scale hatchery of catfish with a capacity of 2 million larvae per cycle (21 days). Using a more modern concept of rearing tank made of HDPE as many as 20 pieces (3x5x0,6 M). Seed production is done with clear water for 21 days to produce seed (size 2-3 cm). In the nursery phase soil used the pond as many as 22 pieces (3x6x1 M). Seed production has been tested can perform 70-90% of survival rate (SR, with a stocking density of 8000 catfishfish larvae per-M2. The results of catfish production in 2015 from 20 pieces tank, obtained around 1,500,000 to 2,000,000 catfish fry (2-3 cm). Business analysis results of this system, obtained R/C ratio of 1.6, so it can be used as an alternative profitable business.

Keywords: catfish (Clarias sp), hatchery infrastructur, big scale, seed production

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