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Boyun Handoyo*, Syofan
Aquaculture Business Center (ABC) Karawang, West Java, Indonesia

Asian catfish culture has been conducted in ABC Karawang to support aquaculture industrialization programs since 2010. Asian catfish can be cultivated in a high density and mass scale, but with low's margins. The selling price of this comodity is low and fish rearing is needs a long time. To increase the value added, in 2015 ABC Karawang perform asian catfish culture that used polyculture system with giants goramy which is a high economic fish. The objective of this activity is to produce fillet size of asian catfish > 700 g/fish as a profitable business with a gain of giants goramy as a byproduct. In the nursery phase is done in a 500 M2 ponds (stocked asian catfish 15,000 fish; giants goramy 3350 fish). In the growth phase is done 1000 m2 ponds (stocked asian catfish 10,000 fish; giants goramy 1000-2000 fish). Yields showed that the nursery phase obtained survival (SR) asian catfish 81-84%; giants goramy 56-75%. In the growth phase asian catfish 95-99%; giants goramy 47-57%. Feed conversion (FCR) in the nursery phase from 0.89 to 0.92%, while growth phase FCR 1.19 to 1.22. In the nursery phase can increase profits by 182%, while in the phase of enlargement could increase profits by 5.7%.

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