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Gemi Triastutik*1, Siti Subaidah1, Sofiati1 and  Deni Sugianto1
Brackishwater Aquaculture Development Center Situbondo
PO. BOX 5 Situbondo Jawa Timur 68351 Indonesia

Breeding program has been conducted in order to increase a breeding value within a population through crossbreeding and selection as well as to produce a higher quality of shrimp such as better growth rate and more resistant to diasese

The aim of this study is to produce a vaname broodstock in which has pass a good quality into offspring. This will be also produce the better quality of next generation

In this study, three genetic resources of shrimp that produced from 2014 has been used for family selection as third generation.

Visible implant elastomer (VIE) has been used for tagging for all of genetic resources. Through the resiprocal breeding, this study has produced nine cross breeding combination. Each combination was conducted with three replicate in order to produce 27 family. Larvae rearing conducted until PL-10 in the 200 litre fibreglass density of 25.000 piece per fibreglass.

Based on scoring result, we choosed the best ten combination and reared in the tank with 300 shrimp per m3 within 30 days. We re-scored shrimp and chosed the best four family for reared in the raceway tank (50 m3) with density 1000 shrimp per tank

Result of family selection (first stage) produced five family namely CB1 (♀C >< ♂B), DB2 (♀D >< ♂B), AB1 (♀A >< ♂B),  CD1 (♀C >< ♂D) and DC1 (♀D >< ♂C) for five month culture. The second stage of family selection produced five family namely BC3 (♀B >< ♂C)  DD2 (♀D >< ♂D), BA2 (♀B >< ♂A),  BA3 (♀B >< ♂A),   dan DC2 (♀D >< ♂C).

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