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A. Santika, Ciptoroso, S. Nuryati, Alimuddin, M. Mawardi, S. Hanif, Z. Zainun

Currently, the success of common carp culture, still constrained due to virus attack Koi herpes virus (KHV). This resulted in the cultivation of carp production has not recovered as before the incident KHV virus attack (before 2000).

Since 2010, Freshwater Fisheries Aquaculture Main Center (Sukabumi), has made application development KHV DNA vaccine (glycoprotein) in cooperation with Bogor Agricultural University.  In the  laboratory testing,  KHV DNA vaccines (plasmid GP25) has  proven to increase the survival rate of between 80-90%, after the challenge test (Santika et al, 2013).  KHV DNA vaccine (GP 25), which has been developed starting in 2010 is a DNA vaccine encoding the glycoprotein of KHV in the form of β-actin promoter (Nuryati, 2010). In the further development, the new vaccine DNA has been developed (KHV DNA GP-11 vaccine) with a promoter in the form of keratin which has a broader level of gene expression in various tissues and immunogenic  (Nuryati, 2015).

Vaccine tests was conducted in the laboratory (restricted area), using an aquarium container. The vaccine is given by injection;  After vaccination fish keep  reared for 30 days. Fish that have been vaccinated subsequently infected by the virulent KHV. Evaluations carried out during the 21-day. The parameters observed including:  immune parameters (blood parameters), survival, daily mortality, clinical symptoms and Relative Percent Survival (RPS).

The test results showed that the highest immunity parameters obtained at DNA vaccine GP 11 and  followed by DNA vaccine GP 25 and control.  Survival after challenge test on the use of DNA vaccines GP-11 is 88.33%, followed by DNA vaccine GP-25 DNA 81.67%, and  control 38.33%.  While RPS DNA vaccines by 81.08% GP 11, GP 25 DNA vaccine by 70.28%. Base on this result  KHV DNA vaccine GP 11 is   effective vaccine and has a good prospect  for protect  the brood stock of Koi and Common carp.


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