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I. Patrick Saoud, Yara Daou and Nadim Farajalla
American University of Beirut
Beirut, Lebanon.

The present study addresses the socioeconomic impact of rainbow trout aquaculture on the communities in the Hermel region of northeast Lebanon along the Orontes River. Local people perceive aquaculture as an important pillar of the area's economy. A survey of every aquaculturist in the region was performed. Topics investigated included land and pond ownership, fish production, income, equipment used in aquaculture, feeding and environmental practices, farmers' education and know-how, marketing of harvested fish, and farmers' opinion about the state of aquaculture in Hermel. Results suggest that aquaculture significantly adds to the local economy through job creation and investment. However, the development of aquaculture is being hindered by the absence of aquaculture related policies, lack of public interest, limited market availability, poor technical and managerial skills, and the nonexistence of sufficient financial support. Results of the present investigation should help the development of aquaculture legislation and policy in rural societies elsewhere.

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