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Yogi Himawan*, Khairul Syahputra, and Flandrianto Sih Palimirmo
Research Institute for Fish breeding
Jl. Raya 2 Sukamandi, Pantura-Sukamandi, Subang, West Java,indonesia
Email :

Carp of strain Rajadanu resistant Koi Herpesvirus (KHV) is one of the superior strains of carp selection results on the character of KHV disease resistance. The performance of resistance to KHV and growth in some farming systems and environments showed good results. Nevertheless, in some centers of cultivation has a character different waters especially at pH content. This study aims to analyze the performance of carp of Rajadanu resistant KHV at different pH. Evaluation of tolerance of carp Rajadanu resistant KHV to pH parameters is done through submersion in water at pH 3 (acidic) and pH 10 (alkaline), with three replications. Seeds used test measures the average weight of 10-15 g / fish. Control on this research using another carp KHV resistant strain Majalaya, namely Mantap. Research using plastic containers measuring 10 liters with aeration installations. Chronology of the implementation study the effect of pH on performance Rajadanu carp  resistant KHV is:

Tolerance test seed of Rajadanu resistant KHV to stress  pH 3 (acidic) and pH 10 (alkaline) is presented in Figure 2. Based on test results showed that Rajadanu resistant KHV better than Mantap carp (control) in tolerance with acid and same in alkaline conditions. In acid condition, Rajadanu resistant KHV achieve 50% mortality (LT50) in the minute of 53 while Mantap carp in  minute of 52 (Figure 2a). In alkaline condition, both of Rajadanu resistant KHV and Mantap  achive 50% mortality in the minute of 46 (Figure 2b).

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