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Agus Suriawan1, Santoso1 and Eko Sutrisno1
1Brackishwater Aquaculture Development Center Situbondo
PO. BOX 5 Situbondo Jawa Timur 68351 Indonesia

This study aimed to determine the effect of LHRH-a hormone on gonad development of female giant grouper (Epinephelus lanceolatus). Individuals used were 6 female of giant grouper broodstock with weight range 20 - 30 kg/fish. There were two methods of LHRH-a aplication i.e  A was implant method (hormone in pelet form) with  dosage 50 µg / kg and B was injection method (hormone in liquid form mix with Adjuvan) with  dosage 50 µg / kg. The hormone were implant or  inject into dorsal part of broodstock. The aplication of LHRH-a were done three times every month. Estradiol hormone in blood was analysis with ELISA method.

The result showed that the number of female broodstock has gonad development increased compare with before application LHRH-a. The average of  oocyte diameter  in the first observation showed that the implant method has bigger oocyte diameter than injection (p < 0,05) 438,70 ± 14,83 and 345,16 ± 5,38 µm, respectively. The second observation (30 days after)  showed different result that  the implant method has smaller  oocyte diameter than injection method (p < 0,05) 408,87 ± 7,56 dan 520,36 ± 31,97 µm, respectively. However a Independent-Samples T test analysis showed that there was no significant effect (p>0,05) between two methods of application (p>0,05) on gonad development.

An one-way ANOVA (n=9, α = 0.05) data analysis showed the frequency of LHRH-a application was not significant on estradiol hormone in blood for injection method. However implant method has significant offect on average estradiol hormone in blood (µg/ml) i.e 2 nd implantation, 3rd implantation and first implantation : 6,163 µg/ml, 17,937 µg/ml, 18,503 µg/ml respectively. There was no significant effect between two method on average estradiol hormon in blood (µg/ml).

Aplication of LHRH-a hormon can induce gonad development on giant grouper female broodstock. There was no significan between two methods aplication on oosit development.

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