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Wiwie Soemarjati1, Arif Zainudin1, Bagus Satria Ramadani1, Sofiati1 and Toharjo1
1Brackishwater Aquaculture Development Center Situbondo
PO. BOX 5 Situbondo Jawa Timur 68351 Indonesia

TELAH DIS                                                   

Milkfish nursery is one of important component in the milkfish culture. The problem of milkfish nursery is low technology. Therefore, it cause low growth rate and also survival rate of milkfish. The objective of this study was to increase growth rate by using Mina grow supplementation at the milkfish feed. Mina grow is one of hydrophylic hormone generated from amino acid that can be used for triggering gowth rate.

Three treatments were used at this study namely (A) Feed with high protein; (B) Feed with low protein and Minagrow and (C) feed with low protein.

Result of this study showed that weight gain at treatment B (30.30 gram) is highest compare two other treatments, A (23.25 gram) and B (24.60 gram). Average growth rate per day were (B) 0.5 gr/day ; (C) 0.4 gr per day and (A) 0.38 gr per day.

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