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Hamsah Amiruddin, Marwa and Ramelan
Hall Mariculture Ambon

Engineering was conducted at the Center for Mariculture Ambon in April - May 2015 in order to determine the growth and survival of Artemia (Artemia sp.) Are maintained in a container controlled by applying a combination of techniques of artificial feeding. 2 (two) treatment administration of a combination of artificial feeding is done in a culture system (enlargement) of this Artemia is a combination of yeast and rotemia 1-3 grams (treatment A) and a combination of yeast and GAB 1- 3 g (treatment B). The treatment given to naupli Artemia cultured (grown up) in 2 pieces plastic container capacity of 60 liters, the old Artemia D-1 through D-12, with a frequency of 2 times a day. Artemia samples taken randomly on each container by 10 individuals every day for 12 days (D-0 to D-12). The parameters observed growth by measuring total body length Artemia from age 0 days up to 12 days (D-0 to D-12) and survival by counting the number of Artemia were able to survive until the end of the activities of engineering (D-12). Growth data were processed and analyzed with Exell program that Absolute Growth Rate (Absolute Growth Rate), were calculated based on the percentage survival of Artemia live until the age of D-12 (Khouw, 2010). Engineering results showed that the absolute growth rate of each treatment, namely: from ages D-0 to D-12 amounted to 0.195 mm / day (controls); 0.347 mm / day (treatment A) and and 0.226 mm / day (treatment B). Survival (SR) highest Artemia found in treatment B is equal to 95.3% (95 333 ind.), Medium to treatment A at 80.7% (80 667 ind.) And control of 51.3% (51 333 ind.). Combination of feed artificial (yeast and rotemia) provided on Artemia cultured (grown up) on treatment A visually show the growth of Artemia better, being for survival (SR) Artemia higher obtained from the combination of the feed artivicial (yeast and GAB ) in the treatment of B.


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