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Aquaculture  effort in this time that bloom enough fast especially marine culture. One of commodities that still manjadi commodities fish is the best groupers the example grouper tiger fish (Epinephelus fuscoguttatus) dan cantang grouper fish (Epinephelus sp). Groupers fish more incited in line with increase it fish request grouper, good to fulfil in country especially in serve hotels request and restaurant the class international, also as commodities eksport recently the request ever greater in the form of alive. Temporary seafish other enough potential developed longly maintenance short between 4 - 6 months local commodities kind likes trevally/bubara fish (Caranx sp), this fish is enough solds out market and request also especially for restaurants need. Fish bubara this has several superiorities among others; fast growth level, tall tolerance towards environment change, prone seed from nature so that simple aquaculture technique with treatment and hold back towards disease.

One of aquaculture method that can be developed disversification commodities system. Disversification commodities system is activity develos aquaculture more one collectiv in one business unit. Blend several commodities that has long different maintenances is maintained in one business cange floating net unit. Efforts develop disversification commodities system with take care several marine culture economical commodities that has long different maintenance can streamline maintenance time and can efficient capital because quicker economy rotation with harvest not too long for local commodities and supposed can increase work spirit and aquaculture effort development opportunity voluminouser.

Culture cantang grouper fish, grouper tiger fish and trevally fish done at KJA size 3x3m2 with size net 3x3x3m3 thickky disperse 300-500 /net tail. Disperse grouper tiger as much as 5000 sizes 10 cm and bubara fish as much as 10.000 size tail 10,5 cm and fish kerapu cantang as much as 5000 sizes 9 cm. Woof gift activity covers: done woof gift a day 2 times that is morning and evening with ad-libitum ratio 5- 10% from heavy fish body per day. Woof is added vitamin with dose 3 gr/kg woof that mixed in woof  trash with frequency one week 2 times.

Based on study result application disversification commodities system groupers dan trevally fish at part eery regency culture sample area west, so inferential long fish maintenance trevally fish effective be done during 4 until 6 months has achieved consumption size 350 gram - 500 gram with production result total 3.640 kg. Growth groupers cantang fish during maintenance 8 months has achieved average 755 gram/tails 0,95%/day growth rate and SR end 84%. growth grouper tiger fish during maintenance 10 months has achieved average 525 gram/tails 0,85%/day growth rate and SR end 77%. This system development effort analysis result proper be developed as one of the method that can give effective aquaculture technique solution, efficient and give added value for fisherman.


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