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Khabibbulloh*, and Hariyano
Hall Mariculture Ambon




Grouper is a fish species that is marketed in living conditions so that aspects of handling and transportation during harvest very important to note that the grouper aquaculture products which include seed and fish consumption is not adversely affected. While marketing snapper is also not a big issue because it can be marketed in the form of life and death are not as grouper only marketed alive

The purpose is to obtain information on the number of seeds and the length of time required in the transportation of seed grouper, tiger grouper and snapper size of 5-6 cm of effective, safe and efficient. The goal is to save costs required in the transportation of seeds and seed to minimize losses due to death during transport.

Monitoring results indicate the time required in the transport of seed grouper size 6 cm to the type of feed pellets that are effective, safe and efficient is 17 hours. white snapper seed size 5 cm for optimal transported takes 18 hours with a density of 250 fish / white snapper Seed box measuring 6 cm (B) for transport took 16 hours with the optimal density of 200 fish / box. the time required in the transport of tiger grouper seed 10 and 11 cm maximum is 20 hours so that should be a reduction in the density of each box on the tiger grouper seed size 11 cm in the transport process by considering the cost of delivery and the number of seeds that can be transported.


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