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Adi Hardiyanto, Narulitta Ely and Imam Nurhadi
Hall Mariculture Ambon

Enlargement abstract ornamental fish nemo in Ambon Bay Inside for nearly two years is done in floating net cages, where there are some obstacles that are difficult to overcome such a high death rate of fish due to bacteria and parasites. The presence of high rainfall resulted in low salinity at the surface of the water and turbid water conditions. These factors result in low survival value nemo fish so sintasannya value ranges between 0-50% for all types of fish nemo cultivated. This is caused by environmental factors such maintenance media that can not be controlled. Therefore the use of water recirculation system controlled using a biological filter that comes protein skimmer is expected to improve the survival rate of fish nemo. This activity aims to improve the survival rate of fish nemo using a closed recirculation system. Through this application is expected to be implemented by the farmers with limited land and high density. In this experiment, the test material used in the form of seeds nemo fish as many as 900 fish with an average initial length of 2 cm. Seed put into 9 pieces of plastic containers of 100 liters filled volume of 90 liters of seawater. Each container is stocked seed as much as 100 individuals. There are 3 types of fish nemo maintained in the system resikulasi namely A (nemo platinum) B (nemo picasso) and C (nemo black photon). Each type of as many as 300 individuals. During the period of maintenance of all installations are conditioned in keadan prepared wherein heater, thermometer, protein skimmer and pump in installed state in the form of filter feeding artificial feed, performed 3 hours in adlibitum.

During the three-month maintenance period obtained results that the total value of the survival rate of 70.57% (900 head). While the survival rate and the length of the absolute value for each type of fish nemo ie on the type A (nemo platinum) by 70%, type B (nemo Picasso) by 52% and type C (black photons) by 90%. The length of the three types of fish nemo maintenance for three months showed that the type C (nemo black photon) gave the best results in the amount of 1.44 cm, followed by the type A (nemo platinum) of 1.13 cm and the type B (nemo picasso) of       0.82 cm.


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