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Abdul Gani, Hariyano, Herlina and Imam Nurhadi

Seeding and cultivation of clownfish faced with obstacles, especially the quality of seeds, one seed quality assessment can be measured through the pattern and color. Surely seed has a nice style and color can improve its economic value. To get quality seed has a nice style and color can be done in several ways such as holding a good selection of candidates and inbred. However, with such a method requires considerable time and even the parent who has a lack of good quality seed can not be improved quality of seeds if only relying on feed quality improvement. Hence the need for simple ways that can accelerate and improve the quality of seeds that have a parent earning less good seed can dimamfaatkan so it is not thrown away. Containers used for spawning aquarium volume of 50 liters with the circulatory system and for larval rearing is like fiber volume 2 tons One way to improve the quality of their seed is to replace couples female parent who has been productive with indukj antan which has a style which is nice as of Picasso types, frost bite, snow flake, black australis, or of any other kind that has a high value. With this technique besides taking a very short time can also improve the quality of seeds as expected.


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