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IBM. Suastika Jaya, R.A Media Graha S.W, dan Ngurah S. Yasa
National Broodstock Centre for Shrimp and Mollusk, Karangasem 80811, Bali
P.O Box 107, phone : 085100724144,fax. : 021-29608000, email :

One of  the obstacle of nauplii center unit is the low of mating rate of the mature female introduced to the mating tank with male stock. This failure cause the spawned egg is not fertile, that is impossible to produced nauplii. Some alternative way should be conducted for increasing the mating rate. The application of modular system has objectives to find out any effective solution related with mating rate.

Selected matured female from 200 ablated stocks, ten of them are released in the tank containing 100 males. Kept on for 4 hours before they are transfered to the other tank with other 100 males, if any of mature female was not mated in the male stock. With the some periode (4 hours) the unmated female from the second tank, then transfered to the third tank with 100 other males. Total number of mated female in each tank was recorded during experiment. These activities conducted daily for 8 weeks.

The results showed that the maximum mating rate accured in second tank, followed by third tank and first tank, 18.76%, 13.33%, and 10.51% respectively. Total number of matured female are increase about 20% compare to conventional system. This results showed that application modular system effective to improve the mating rate of vanname broodstock.

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