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THE USE OF GENETIC MARKER AS fast gowth LOCUS INDICATOR on domesticated coral trout Plectopromus leopardus broodstock  

Institute for Mariculture Research and Development
Sari Budi Moria Sembiring*, A. Muzaki, I.K. Wardana and Haryanti


Culture of coral trout grouper has been develop by using hatcheries bred fingerling which still using  wild catched broodstock and selected just based on size and morphological shape. The fingerling quality frequently varied and it was affected on  slow growth rate, easy to infect by deseases, low tolerance to environment change and high abnormality during the culture period.

Locus indicator for fast growth  on Coral trout grouper has been established in 2011 as locus PL-03 by using  microsatellite method. Then this locus is applied as gene marker on selection of domesticated Coral trout broodstock.  

Research was started by selected 36 F-1 and 61 F-2 of coral trout broodstock and were analyed on fast growth by using locus microsatellite PL-03. The result showed that  55.55 % (20 fish) of F-1 and  40.98 % (25 fish) F-2 broodstock with fast growth locus.  Those broodstock were saparated and reared in four 50 m3 circular concrete tanks with the same treatment for 6 months.

At the end of experiment, those broodstock with fast growth loci showed faster growth compare to broostock without fast growth loci. Means that locus PL-03 can be used as quantitative locus for fast  growth character as it was also confirmed accurately on its phenotype character.

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