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The use of alternative feedstuff as substitution of fish meal protein for Grow-out diet of  hybrid grouper (Epinephelus fuscoguttatus x Epinephelus polyphekadion)

Wawan Andriyanto*, N. Adiasmara Giri, M. Marzuqi, N. Widya Astuti
Institute Mariculture Research for Aquaculture Development, Gondol
PO BOX 140, Singaraja, Bali, Indonesia
Email :

Fishmeal is the main source protein in formulation of fish feed. It is necessary to study potential materials that can substitute for fishmeal. Brewery waste products and MSG industrial waste meal can be processed and produces meals that can be used as substitutes for protein fish meal. This study was conducted to determine the effect of brewery waste meal (BWM) and MSG industrial waste meals (MIWM) substituting for fishmeal on growth of hybrid reared in floating net cage (FNC). Survey activities were carried out in factories or home industries which produced brewery MSG industrial waste.

Test response of feed was performed in FNC with a completely randomized design in triplicates and 4 treatments: (A). Ajitein meal (MIWM I); (B). BWM; (C). Sake meal (MIWM II); (D). Pellet control (D) (Table 1). Hybrid grouper juveniles were reared in FNC with net size of 2x2x2 m3 and a density of 150 juveniles per cage. The juveniles were fed twice a day, ad libitum, in the morning and afternoon.

Parameters observed were growth, survival, feed efficiency, feed conversion ratio and production. As the results showed that treatment D (Pellet Control) had significantly higher SGR (0.85%/day) and production (18.31 kg) than the other treatments (Table 2). However, partial substitution of fishmeal (12.95%) by BWM (31.57%) resulted in significantly higher SGR (0.7%/day), length growth rate (5.12%/day), feed efficiency (83%), production (12.48 kg) and lower FCR (1.21) compared to those substituted by Ajitein and Sake meal (MIWM I and MIWM II).

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