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Bambang Setyo Sihananto*, Jamilah Hayati,  Hasbiannor
 Mandiangin Freshwater Aquaculture Development Center
Jl. Tahura Sultan Adam Km.14  Mandiangin, Kab. Banjar - Kalimantan Selatan


Stages of gonads maturity is indicates fishes sexual maturity. Fish metabolism product partly use to gonads development, therefore environment where the fishes live  partly play role to support  gonads development, including food that consumed and many parameter of environment quality that support gonads development. This study have two groups, every group consist of 7 fishes. First group is Climbing perch that collect from natural  from Jejangkit village, Barito Kuala Region, province of South Kalimantan and the second group collect from Mandiangin Freshwater Aquaculture Development Center also with seven fishes.

In this study, determining stage of gonad maturation using histology technique with hematoxyllin and eosin staining method, with before had taken average of body weight and total length. This study got average of total length of group from nature collect  is 150,85 and total body weight is 59,84 gram with average of gonadal length and weight  is 32, 42 mm and 2,02 gram, whereas average of total length and body weigth from cultivation is 115 mm and 27,81 gram with average of total length and weigth of gonad is 20,42 mm and 0,48 gram. After examined with the histology technique to observe the gonadal maturation stages, the result  from group Jejangkit get variative Gonadal Maturation Stages from stage II until V, whereas from cultivation group the gonadal maturation stages variative from stage I until IV. Comparative result of the gonadal maturation stage showing that group fishes from natural collect from Jejangkit village is more higher than from intensive cultivation.

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