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Bambang Setyo Sihananto*,  Jamilah Hayati,   Dite Fajar Suprapto,  Puji Widodo
Mandiangin Freshwater Aquaculture Development Center
Jl. Tahura Sultan Adam Km.14  Mandiangin, Kab. Banjar - Kalimantan Selatan

Snake Head (Channa striata Bloch 1793) are fish with unique character and identifying feature, in addition can survive at low Disolved oxygen/DO level, this fish can survive, grow, blossomed out and mating on acid environment condition (water quality) (pH<6,5). Look at the unique character, histological characteristic of female snake head (Channa striata Bloch 1793) that cultivate on peat moss area no many people knows  Sample of fish come from Peat Moss Installation of Mandiangin Freshwater Aquaculture Development Centre with amount more than 2 fishes with weight more than 100 gram and ages about 10 months. Gonad samples were opened through the abdominal incision technique with  decapitate. Samples fixated on Buffer Neutral Formalin (BNF) 10% and then trimmed, tissue processing, Blocking, block Cutting, staining and reading. Parameter to observed are gonad morphology and gonad maturity stage. Result of this study is shows gonads of prime candidate is yellowish, bilateral left side and right side and averagely had maturity stage between III until V, in addition gonad that had taken from prime of snake head that had been mates shows on anterior side is spent, median side is IV-V stage and posterior side is rippening. PSnake head are fish with partial mates and environment with acid condition not significantly influences to gonad development.

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