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Juliansyah *, M. Noor Fahmi, M. Irfan Idrus
Mandiangin Freshwater Aquaculture Development Center
Jl. Tahura Sultan Adam Km.14 Mandiangin,  Kab. Banjar - Kalimantan Selatan

World fish production has been shifting from capture fisheries to aquaculture.   Breeding and aquaculture is facing some threats, one of them is the decreasing of water quality and quantity that becoming the bottleneck in aquaculture development.  Save water mode by maintaining the water quality in breeding technology is needed.  

The objective of this applied research is utilizing the Styrofoam for broodstock incubation in induced breeding process.  The Styrofoam is used to replace the flow through water system in concrete or fiber tank.  By using this method, it is hope that saving water in fish breeding can be conducted.

Breeding of indigenous fish species such as jelawat Leptobarbus hoevenii and kelabau Osteochilus melanopleurus by using flow through water system in concrete or fiber tank often result the misbehavior of the fish and lead to ovulation blocking. This might be caused by unstable water quality and fish stressed. This kind of circumstance is also happened to other breeding institution around working area.  That is why we are trying to develop the indigenous fish species breeding I save water mode Styrofoam.

The result of this design by using 35 cm x 65 cm x 25 cm Styrofoam in measure completed with aeration system is the stable water quality with 27 - 38 degrees of Celsius temperature and 6.5 - 7 mg/l of dissolved oxygen.  In addition, it is also result 86.30 - 91.94% of fertilization rate, 67.08 - 78.94% of hatching rate, and 86.30 - 91.94% of survival rate.  It has the better result compared with flow through water system with 30.25 - 47.89% of hatching rate.  Business analysis result Rp.6.863.667 of benefit, 1.68 of R/C ratio and one cycle of payback period with 12215 fishes in amount.

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