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Khairul Anwar *, Akhmad Riva'i, Supriani, Tulus, Andri Hariadi, Webby
Mandiangin Freshwater Aquaculture Development Center
Jl. Tahura Sultan Adam Km.14 Mandiangin,  Kab. Banjar - Kalimantan Selatan


To develop and exploit the potential in an effort to increase production to meet the needs of fish consumption as a food security and nutrition and creating business opportunities for the welfare of society. Then the fish rearing activities papuyu as one specific fish locally in Borneo is an effort that is appropriate. Currently the price of fish consumption papuyu around Rp. 35.000 - Rp. 60,000 per kilogram with a weight range of 50-100 g/fish.

Objective the activities that utilize positive bacteria in probiotic added to the feed with the target to be achieved is the increased productivity of fish farming papuyu reared in plastic ponds. The expected result is papuyu fish can reach a weight range between 50-75 g/fish with  the survival rate 85%.

The activities carried out over eight months in the plsatic pond belonging to fish farmers siza 2x4 m2 and 3x4 m2 are 3 pieces in Hulu Sungai Selatan Regency, South Kalimantan. Materials and equipment used are papuyu fish fry, commercial fish feed (pellets), probiotics, molasses, dustpan, water quality gauges, rulers, scales, plastic basin and plastic pond. Stages activity consisted of surveys and identification of the location, pond preparation, seeding, maintenance and harvesting.

The average length of the fish beginning 2 cm/fish and a mean weight of 2,1 g/fish and stocking densities of 250 fish/m2, the end of the measurement results obtained during the harvest range in length from 10-13,5 cm/fish and a weight range from 75-100.25 g/fish. The survival ratew was 90% with FCR of 1,1. The range of water quality for temperatures between 27-29 °C, pH 5,6-7 and dissolved oxygen is 3,2-4,5 ppm. Comparison enlargement activities undertaken during the six months in semi-permanent pond without the addition of probiotics to the stocking density 50-100 fish/m2 initial seed size 3-5 cm and feed daily dose of 5% is able to generate growth reach a size of 50-85 gram/fish with survival rate 80%.

Of the activities carried out, it can be concluded that fish rearing technology papuyu with probiotic supplementation through the feed is very applicable to be applied to the cultivation of land were limited as plastic pond. Based on the calculation of business analysis with a total capital of Rp. 4.500.000, - and the proceeds from the sale at a price of 40.000,-/kg or Rp. 10.8 million, - a profit of Rp. 6,300,000, - in a production cycle.

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