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Khairul Anwar *, Akhmad Riva'i, Supriani, Tulus, Andri Hariadi, Webby
Mandiangin Freshwater Aquaculture Development Center
Jl. Tahura Sultan Adam Km.14 Mandiangin,  Kab. Banjar - Kalimantan Selatan



The availability of natural food today are likely still rely on catches in nature, namely of rivers and waterways are a lot of residual waste containing organic materials or household waste markets flowing in the drain. One example is the natural feed silk worms. Silk worms (Tubifex sp.) highly needed in hatcheries, especially in the early phase (larvae) because it has a nutrient content (57% protein and 13% fat) is good for fish growth and size according to larval mouth openings.

The objectives of activities that utilize waste water catfish farming is to drain the waste water into an catfish culture cultivation of silk worms. To meet the nutritional needs of the Tubifek sp, given waste tofu that has been fermented as a daily feed. The activities carried out in the Aquaculture Unit of BPBAT Mandiangin in Bincau Province of South Kalimantan. Materials and equipment used are the seeds of catfish, Tubifex sp, commercial fish feed (pellets), probiotics, molasses, pulp, dustpan, water quality gauges, rulers and scales.

The observation of the growth of biomass and increase the number of individuals Tubifek sp since stocked yet to show significant improvement until day 10. Growth out of biomass increased from day 15 until the end of the activity. Results of measurements of biomass production that is harvested every 15 days ranged from 45-60 g/ m2. Measurement of the value range of water quality are optimal for the growth out of silk worms are a temperature between 26-29 °C, pH 6,4-7,5 and dissolved oxygen from 4,7-7,6 ppm

Of the activities carried out, it can be concluded utilization of waste catfish with waste water flowing into the pond culture of Tubifek sp and fed in the form of waste tofu fermented can increase the growth out of biomass due to the availability of sufficient organic materials and sustainable growth out of Tubifex sp.

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