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Add To Calendar 29/04/2016 13:50:0029/04/2016 14:10:00Africa/JohannesburgAsian-Pacific Aquaculture 2016ECONOMIC ANALYSIS OF DOMESTICATION (Oxyeletris marmorata) THROUGH CONTROLLED AQUACULTUR SYSTEM (A case study of Cirata Reservoir of Cianjur, West Java)   Diamond 1The World Aquaculture Societyjohnc@was.orgfalseanrl65yqlzh3g1q0dme13067DD/MM/YYYY

ECONOMIC ANALYSIS OF DOMESTICATION (Oxyeletris marmorata) THROUGH CONTROLLED AQUACULTUR SYSTEM (A case study of Cirata Reservoir of Cianjur, West Java)  

Atikah Nurhayati 1 Ayi Yustiati 2 Titin Herawati 3
Faculty of  Fisheries and Marine Science, Padjadjaran University (1)

Potential fishing in open acces Cirata reservoir of  Cianjur of  West Java preferred to aquaculture floating net cages system and is able to sustainable  fish endogenius   that is not extinct. Biodiversity of fishery resources in open acces Cirata reservoir  which there are fish betutu (Oxyeleotris marmorata Bleeker). Management of open acces Cirata reservoir for aquaculture in particular should pay attention to quality maintenance of biodiversity in an amount sufficient for the current generation and the future in the context of food security, poverty alleviation and sustainable. Fish betutu (Oxyeleotris marmorata Bleeker) has economic value and market opportunities are quite large, so it is necessary to research how the system plasma nutfah fish betutu (Oxyeleotris marmorata Bleeker) carried Ex Situ through domestication and feasibility of the approach. The research method using controlled cultivation system design and economic analysis of profitability. Based on the research results betutu fish are able to adapt in the ex situ and in the economy that have a high level on a scale probilitas fish rearing business  fish betutu with a value of R / C 2.30 it means businesses can  fish betutu rearing is feasible because it has a value of R / C > 1. Break event point for fish betutu rearing production of 1,070 kg while the value of the Break even point for production price of Rp. 41 309, - per kg.

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