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Valentina Retno Iriani* and  Zahria Anis
Main Center for Marine Aquaculture (MCMA), Lampung-Indonesia.

The availability of high quality of seeds in sufficient quantity is a one of the obstacles in the seaweed culture. At the present time this obstacle has been overcome through tissue culture technology. Tissue culture technology of Kappaphycus alvarezii can be performed properly and produce high quality and quantity of plantlets. There are several types of fertilizers were used for enlargement of plantlets such as Conway, PES, VS, f / 2, Z9 and Guilard. The enlargement of plantlets is one step prior to become seeds ready for grow out. The trial was conducted to study the effectiveness of respective culture media containing Conway and Guillard fertilizers for enlargement of Kappaphycus alvarezii plantlets.

The trial was carried out in tissue culture laboratory of MCMA Lampung from April to July 2015. Seaweed plantlets were obtained from SEAMEO BIOTROP Bogor. Before used all the tools and culture media were sterilized by autoclave at a temperature of 121ºC for 2 hours. The 0.2 g of plantlets was cultured in a volume of 1000 ml Erlenmeyer. There were three different concentrations of Conway (C) and Guilard (G) fertilizer, respectively as C1 0.5 ml/L, C2 1 ml/L, C3 1.5 ml/L; G1 0.5 ml/L, G2 1 ml/L and G3 1.5 ml/L. Each concentration with 2 replications. Aeration, irradiation with a fluorescent lamp (light intensity of 1500 lux) and room temperature between 20-25 ºC were used continuously to give suitable culture condition. Replacement of media was conducted for every one week. Parameters measured were weight, length and diameter of thalus.

The result showed that weight gain of thalus regarding to the treatments order are G2; G1; C2; C1; C3 and G3; respectively as 0.73 g; 0.70 g; 0.59 g; 0.51 g; 0.49 g and 0.40 g. Meanwhile the length gain of thalus follow the treatment order are C1; G1; G3; G2; C3 and C2; respectively as 0.49 cm; 0.48 cm; 0.47 cm; 0.45 cm; 0.31 and 0.29 cm.

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