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Amran*, Edi Supriyatna, Kuswadi, Yuwana Puja
Main Center for Marine Aquaculture (MCMA), Lampung-Indonesia


One of problems in mariculture artificial feed development is fish meal. As the main source of protein, most of fishmeal was supplied as imported material and often with expensive price. To resolve this problem, we try to use another alternative protein source. One of alternative protein source is microalgae Nannochloropsis sp powder produced by MCMA Lampung which has high protein content. The objective of the trial was to know the growth of cobia grow out  after fed with artificial feed added with Nannochloropsis sp  powder in floating net-cages. Fish was reared in 3 x 3 x 3 m3 floating net-cage with initial fish weight, length and stocking density are between 100-150 g/fish, 20-30 cm/fish and 20 fishes/floating net-cages respectively. There were two treatments are  (A) artificial feed with Nannochloropsis sp powder addition and (B) artificial feed without Nannochloropsis sp powder as control. Animal was fed with dried pellet of the treatment. The observation of fish growth was done by weighing total body weight (TBW) of 10% of total population per floating net-cage for every 2 weeks

The observation result showed that the growth rate, feed conversion ratio and survival rate for treatment A were 0.93%/TBW/day, 1.66 and 90% respectively; better than control with each respective parameter was 0.84 %/TBW/day; 1.96 and 80%. Economically analysis, feed with Nannochloropsis sp powder was profitable.

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