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Muhammad Hunaina Fariduddin Ath-thar*, Rudhy Gustiano, Fera Permata Putri, Irin Iriana Kusmini, Vitas Atmadi Prakoso
Institute for Freshwater Aquaculture Research and Development - MMAF
Jl. Sempur No.1, Bogor 16154, Indonesia

Striped Snakehead (Chana striata) is a potential local fish in Indonesia. Up to present, the major production came from natural catch. These conditions tend to decrease rapidly the natural stock. Domestication offers the promising solution of this problem. So far, natural spawning for seed production is succcesfull. However, continuity of fish supply is till much dependent on environmental factors. The present study aimed to investigate the optimal hormone dosage for gonad maturation,  natural spawning and to analyze growth performance  fry resulted from natural spawning.

Striped snakehead broodstock from Palembang and Bogor were induced with oodev (Pre Mare Serum Gonad and Aromatase Inhibitor) for gonad maturation. Three oodev dosage treatment (0,5 ml/kg; 1 ml/kg and 1,5 ml/kg) were used with three replication. The reproductive parameters as gonad diameter and development were measured. Striped Snakehead were spawned naturally with male and female ratio of 1:1. Growth performance of seed were analyzed for 40 days.

The result showed that oodev enabled to speed up gonad maturation process. Broodstock induced with 1,5 ml/kg oodev showed biggest egg diameter  and significantly different with other treatment (Tabel 1). Then gonad development reached degraf phase (final phase of gonad maturation).

Fry resulted from natural spawning were ranged from 1250 to 5000. The broodstock from Bogor produced higher total weight gain and better specific growth compared to Palembang one (Tabel 2) as well as survival rate (Figure 1).

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