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Aplication of vaccine and probiotics for catfish culture at intensive pond farming system in sleman regency, yogyakarta PROVINCE.

Bambang Priono*), Endhay Kusnendar and Bambang Iswanto.
Reseach Center for Aquaculture
Jl. Ragunan 20
Pasar Minggu, Jakarta Selatan 12540

Catfish is one type of freshwaters fish with high economic value, its has good potentials for contributing on increasing of farmers income. A half of farmers in Sleman regency of Yogyakarta province widely cultivated catfish by traditional ponds and permanent ponds. During its development, catfish cultured faced some probles particularly due of diseases. The used of vaccine and probiotic in intensive faralming system is expected to increase the production of catfish. The objective of this study is to introducing catfish culture by application of vaccine and probiotic during rearing periods ang to provide alternative business in order to increase revenue. The study was conducted on a field scale in the village of  Al Qodir of "pondok pesantren" community, Sleman district of Yogyakarta province. Develoment step was done on 12 round plastic ponds with the fries acclimatization process as the beginning, followed by cultivation with vaccine and probiotic methods for 2.5 months rearing periods to obtain good growth and productivity. The results showed  that the use of vaccine and probiotic during rearing could increased production, each ponds yield more than 170 kg of catfish or 2 tons for 12 ponds, survival rate of ove 85%, FCR or larval rearing 0,5-0,7 and 0,9-1,0 during catfish rearing. Meanwhile, before the introduced of catfish technique in the similar area on permanent ponds, the survival rate is approximately 40-50% with 3-4 months or rearing.

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