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Evi Tahapari dan Irsyaphiani Insan
Research Institute for Fish Breeding
Jl. Raya 2 Sukamandi, Subang-Jawa Barat 41256
Telp. 0260-520500 Fax. 0260-520662e-mail :

The aimed of this activity was to apply the model of development of science and technology superior strains of catfish farming with application of vaccin and probiotic at the islamic boarding school in Pacitan- East Java.The dissemination consist of several stages: initiation and survey of location, procurement of equipment and materials as well as container setting, promoting of the fish culture activity, harvesting and field meeting . Fifteen  units of round pool tarp have been used as a container maintenance catfish, with size: diameter 2 m, height 1.25 m ( water volume ± 3 tons ). The body initial weight 6.86 g, standard length 7.8 cm, stoking density of 1,500 ind./ container. In the study was used  feed commercial with crude protein ± 30 % , Feeding Rate ( FR ) 3-7 % and Feeding Frequency ( FF ) 3 times / day. The results show that the activity of 15 round pool tarp is used to produce 1,388 kg of biomass crops , feed conversion: 0.99 -1.13 and survival rate 53.5 to 71.17 %  Total profits earned Rp . 4,428,912.  with a range of cost of production ( HPP ) each-kg fish Rp . 12,809 . Value of Benefit Cost Ratio ( BCR ) 1.25 and the Return of Investment ( ROI ) of 24,92 %. This activity is expected to enhance the knowledge and skills of the people boarding the catfish farming activities. However, the success of technology transfer aquaculture is not only determined by the readiness of standard operating procedures ( SOP ) were tested but is also very dependent on the readiness of responder ( human resources ) that use them. It is recommended that to maximize the results of technology transfer, it is necessary to follow-up activities involving technical assistance team is more intense .

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