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Hendrianto*, Nur Muflich Juniyanto and Kurniawan
Batam Mariculture Development Centre
Jalan Raya Barelang, Pulau Setoko, Jembatan III
PO BOX 60 Sekupang, Batam 29422
Email :  

Silver Pompano (Trachinotus blochii) is known as a fast growing fish and 'greedy'. Fasting, is one of the feeding strategy which is mostly done in the culture to increase the growth response. Periodically fasting for Silver Pompano's grow out in floating net cages aims to study the response and the fasting impact on growth. 1000 seeds of Silver Pompano with 116 grams average size reared in the 4x4 m net. Commercial pellet feed used to feed as fasting treatment periodically. Four days the fish are fed and fasted one day (4-1) and so on until the end of the test.

The results showed when the test fish harvested in the size of 462 grams weight, the culture period of 126 days, the ADG's of 2.75 g / day, the SR's 94,7% and FCR's 2,11. Meanwhile, the control had 473 grams weight during 103 days, ADG's 3,43 gr / day, SR's 94,5% and FCR's 2,25. The feed consumed ratio between application and control is 970 kg : 1,006 kg.
Feeding management with fasting periodically has a good impact, which is not too much difference to the growth of Silver Pompano. So, it can be used as an alternative in feed efficiency.

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