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Asep Suhendra*, Jaelani
Balai Besar Perikanan Budidaya Air Tawar
Jl. Selabintana No. 37 Sukabumi, West Java - Indonesia

This activity is applied of parasitic diseases (Argulus sp) controlling technique on freshwater fish. Controlling includes physical methode, chemical methode and biological methode. Physical methode is pulled out parasite from fish and eliminated Argulus egg from tank or pond. Chemical methode is dipping fish with Abate (Temephos 1%) by dosage 100 ppm for 7-24 hours. Biological methode is introduce Angelfish (Pterophyllum scalare) as parasitic predator in tank or pond. Physical and Chemical methode eliminated parasite  effectivelly until 100%. Integrated controlling that combination from physical, chemical and biological methode can reduce parasite infestation risk until 0%.

∙βPhysical methode (pulled out parasite)

Fish anaesthetizing by (dosage 0,4 ml/10 liter waters). If fish fainted, fulled out parasite from fish used a tweezers.

∙βPhysical methode (eliminated Argulus egg)

Scrape Argulus egg used a scraper on all area of tank or pond includes pipe or pump installation.

∙βChemical methode

Dipped fish on Abate solution (100 ppm) for 7-24 hours with aeration. Repeated treatment if Argulus is still exist.

∙βBiological methode

Introduce some Angelfish (1-2 pieces per square) on tank or pond. Make sure that fish introduced is health fish (free pathogen).

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