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Bambang Susanto*, I. Rusdi, I.G.N. Permana, F. H. Khotimah,
I.N.A. Giri dan G.S Sumiarsa
Institute for Mariculture Research and Development (IMRAD)
P.O. Box 140 Singaraja 81101
Tel.: +62+36292278

Grow out technology of abalone (Haliotis squamata) with hanging basket system has been adopted by farmers started with socialization and technological assistance.  Baskets used for rearing of abalone are perforated plastic material with size of 47.5cmx36.5cmx12.4cm consisting of two baskets tied together and hung vertically in floating cages.  Each hanging unit are put at a depth of between 2-3 m.  Stocking density of abalone seed with initial shell length of 3.21±0.32 cm, weight of 5.74±1.09 g was 150 pcs per unit and fresh seaweed Gracillaria sp. was given as a main feed. The results obtained during five months growing out period were shell length and body weight of 4.3-4.4 cm (increased of 35-38 %) and 12.6-14.4 g (increased of 120-150 %), respectively. Abalone survival rate at the end of the rearing was 77.93-83.50 %.

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