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Yati Mulyati*, Linda Rahmi
BBPBAT Sukabumi
Jl. Selabintana No. 37 Sukabumi, West Java, Indonesia

CBIB certification is one way to grow and develop fish farming in order to compete in the global market by providing quality assurance and food safety of the product. Still many grow-out units as well as hatchery that have not been certified, therefor the necessary supervision and guidance of certification CBIB and CPIB are needed. This activity was conducted from January to December 2015 in West Java (Sukabumi District/Municipality, Cianjur, West Bandung, Sumedang, Purwakarta and Kuningan) and Banten (Pandegelang and South Tangerang Municipality). CBIB certification monitoring results in West Java and Banten in 2015, successfully identified 62 fish farming units consisting of 14 grow-out units and 48 hatchery operations. The level of implementation of CBIB between 37.50% - 88.57% , the lowest is in Pandeglang and the highest is in the Sukabumi Municipality. Similarly with the CPIB, the lowest value is in Pandeglang (26.32%) and highest is in the Sukabumi Municipality (95.64%). Of the 62 units that receive guidance CBIB and CPIB certification, 60 units submit for certification. Awarding those who are committed to the implementation of CBIB, socialization of standard references is updated, revisions to SNI references, guidance from relevant agencies and monitoring/surveillance of the fish farming which has been certified, are necessary to encourage and increase the consistency of application CBIB on each unit of fish farming.

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