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Grower Feed Formulation for Sangkuriang Catfish with Single Cell Protein (SCP)mixture

Herry*, Sofi Hanif*, Iis*, Evi, Ece Ridwan**, Khojiah**,dan  Ardi**
Balai Besar Perikanan Budidaya Air Tawar Sukabumi, Direktorat Perikanan Budidaya,
Kementrian Kelautan dan Perikanan Republik Indonesia

One alternative to solving the high price of feed in freshwater fish farming is to feed product innovation independently by utilizing local raw materials and byproducts of industrial flavorings, such as Single Cell Protein (SCP). The most important thing is how to make low-quality feed. This research was carried out by testing this 3 feed formulation on enlargement catfish are reared for 75 days with each of 3 replicates. Formulation 1; the addition of 5% Flour SCP mixture (SCP: coconut pulp: pulp soy, 8: 1: 1) and 10% fish meal, formula 2 addition of 10% Flour SCP mixture and 5% fish meal and formula 3 with the addition of 15% Flour SCP mix without the addition of fish meal. Based on the results of laboratory tests with the enlargement of feed protein content of the formulation is as follows feed formula 1 (30.74%), the feed formula 2 (30.15%) and feed formula 3 (30.02%). From the results of field trials on enlargement catfish feed formula obtained 2 gives the best performance with SR of 95.02%, 1.27 FCR, SGR 2.61% W and 436%. The positive thing of this engineering is no indication that the reduction of fish meal protein sources by 10% and the replacement using the SCP flour mixture of 10% could be used to feed the catfish enlargement. It shows that the feed formula 2 can preferably fish and therefore contributes to the growth and digestibility of feed are turned into meat. The protein content of the feed formula 3 is the lowest so as to give effect to the growth of catfish the lowest and the highest FCR.

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