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Minagrow as Supplements Stimulating Growth and Increasing Production Efficiency Freshwater Fish Farming  

Hardiantho D., Yanti DH, Faridah N., Alimuddin, Khairunnisa N., Prasetiyo AE

Fish farming production level is determined by the rate of growth, feed efficiency and survival rate of fish.  The growth rate determines the length of time the maintenance of fish to reach consumption size (consumable-size) or can be sold (marketable-size).  Feed efficiency is closely related to production cost efficiencies, whereas the survival rate of the fish serves as assurance of the sustainability of the production process.  The development of aquaculture biotechnology has many supports a variety of techniques for manipulating the growth of fish, such as through the feed with the amount of certain proteins and recombinant hormone such as prolactin, insulin, and growth hormone (GH). Mina Grow is a recombinant growth hormone composed of GH gene isolation from fish giant grouper (Epinephelus lanceolatus) were cloned using cloning vector p-Cold I (Takara) and cultured in Escherichia coli BL21 competent cells. Mina Grow worked as a stimulator agent capable of inducing growth hormone stimulation, thus accelerating the growth rate of the fish's body which then can increase the efficiency of the production of freshwater fish farming.  From some results, application of Mina Grow proven effective in increasing the productivity of fish farming, such as on common carp fingerling, able to increase the average weight of up to 130%.  On gouramy fingerling is able to increase the average weight of up to 70%, while the enlargement of gouramy can increase crop biomass up to 50%.  On tilapia farming able to increase the average weight of 30-40%, also able to reduce FCR in the nursery of tilapia up to 70% after using Mina Grow.  On the catfish farming, Mina Grow able to increase crop biomass ranged from 20% to 80%, but it was able to lower FCR up to 40%.  On freshwater prawn juvenile, Mina Grow able to maintain the viability of prawns between 70 to 89%, so as to produce biomass harvest reached 112% better than the control.  On silver carp farming, Mina Grow could increase the biomass harvest 160.00% better than the control.

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