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Ani Widiyati*,  Adang Saputra* and Idil Ardi*
Institute for Freshwater Aquaculture Research and Development* - MMAF
Jl. Sempur No.1, Bogor 16154, Indonesia

Papuyu (Anabas testudineus) is  one of potential  freshwater fish to be cultured In Indonesia  , because it has a high economic value and is preferred by the people of Sumatra and Borneo. Up to present, the major production came from natural catch.  The existence of the population is diminishing , allegedly due to illegal  fishing and pollution in their habitat and , therefore papuyu needs to be cultured.The  culture  techniques to the nursery  stage , so research optimal stocking densities required for intensive culture . This study aims to obtain an optimal stocking density of papuyu rearing  in the peatsoil  ponds.

The study was conducted in wetlab and ponds an SMKN 5 Palangkaraya  Central Kalimantan Province . The experimental design was completely randomized design with 3 treatments ie stocking density 20 , 40 and 60 fish/ m2. The amount of fish feed given 6 % . Feed given commercial feed with 30 % protein content . Container nets experiments measuring 3x1x1 m2 incorporated into the peatsoil pond of 100 m2 . Rearing of fish 4 months old . Parameters observed : the growth of absolute weight , specific weight growth rate , survival rate ,feed efficiency , and water quality  .  Data analysis of variance test , advanced test and polynomial orthogonal Tuckey and descriptive .

The results showed that  the optimum stocking density 31 fish / m2(Figure 1) resulted in specific growth rate of 3.93 % , survival rate 96.11 % (Figure 2)and feed efficiency of 82.70 %(Figure 3).

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