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Samsul Bahrawi*, Sarwono, and Taufan Haryono.
Lombok Marine Aquaculture Development Center
West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

Marine aquaculture technology has developed along with the increasing demand for marine fish.  Silver pompano Trachinocus blochii was introduced from Taiwan; this fish has good prospects with high price in market. One of the constraints was low survival of the larvae due to lack of feed nutrition during larvae rearing period. Therefore, it needs to conduct trials on enrichment of rotifer to supply sufficient nutrients for larvae.

Rotifers was placed in a 20 liter bucket with density 50-100 individual/ml, then added with enrichment (Algamac) as much as 10 gram then leave it with strong aeration for 3-4 hours before harvesting.  Larvae rearing with 4 replicates generated the result of survival rate at around 20%-40%.  Water quality parameters were suitable for rearing: temperature 30-32°C; salinity 33-34; dissolved oxygen 3,5-4,5 mg/liter; pH 7,5-8,5 and ammonia 0,1-0,2 mg/liter.

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