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Enhancing production of giant freshwater prawn by using parent stocks and seeds of SIRATU strain

Dasu Rohmana, Sarifin, Susi Rosellia, Kesit Tisna Wibowo, Linda Rahmi,
Sri Hastuti, Bunga, Nendih, Ade Kurnia
Sukabumi Main Centre of Aquaculture
Jln. Raya Selabintana No. 37 Sukabumi, West Java, Indonesia

SIRATU is a new strain of giant freshwater prawn breeded in BBPBAT Sukabumi, which was released in 2015. SIRATU obtained through the formation of a population base of strain Mahakam, Bone and Citanduy, and then performed anindividualselection on the rapid growth character. SIRATU has the advantage of rapid growth in both the phase of seed in the hatchery and growout in the pond. In seed phase, the time required to reach a size ready for stocking in ponds is 20-30 days shorter. In growout phase, daily growth is 3.98±0.01% faster with FCR of 1.5. Survival rate in the seed and growout phase are 53.8±9.1% and 89.01±1.65%. In seed production, for larval rearing capacity of 50 m3 may yield as many as 8 million per year with a profit of 140 million rupiah. Whereas growout production with enhanced traditional system, the productivity reached 5,000 kg/ha/year, with a profit of about 128 million.The results of business analysis on seedproduction are R/C ratio of 1.8; PP 10.3 years; BEP Rp 129,853,000 and HPP Rp 22 per animal. While the results ofbusiness analysis on growout productionare R/C ratio of 1.6; PP 7.8 years; BEP Rp 70,824,524 and HPP Rp 38,298 per kg.

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