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Nuryadi* and Lies Setijaningsih
Institute for Freshwater Aquaculture Research and Development
Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries
Jl. Sempur No. 1 Bogor 16154 Indonesia.

An intensive catfish nursery cause water quality declined rapidly, which is accompanied by the onset of the disease, which in turn makes the graduation rate of life (survival) of fish decreased. The research aims to determine the effect of different probiotic applications to the survival of catfish at the nursery third stage. The study lasted for 28 days in the Installation of Research and Technological Development, Environment and Toxicology Freshwater Aquaculture, Cibalagung, Bogor. Using 9 pools size of 5 m2, with a completely randomized design (CRD) with 3 treatments, 3 replications, namely: a) The application of probiotic Bacillus firmus; b) The application of probiotic Bacillus sp.; c) Without the application of probiotics (control). The fish tested is Sangkuriang catfish (Clarias sp.) size of 4-5 cm, with a stocking density 1500 fish/ m3. The pool water level is maintained 40 cm. A week before stocking the fish, the pool are fostered an organic material 200 g / m2 by adding agricultural lime 25 g / m2 and probiotics with a dose of 1 ml / m3 of pool water. The application of probiotics is repeated every 2 days with the same dose. Pellets are given 5% / day with a frequency of 2 times / day. The use of probiotics produce a survival rate of 13.7 -20.3% higher than without the application of probiotics. Survival catfish nursery stage three with the application of probiotic Bacillus firmus reached 95.5 ± 3.9%. It is not significantly different from the application of Bacillus sp. (90.3 ± 6.1%)

Monocytes play a role in non-specific immune system, is the first line of defense if there is a pathogen enters the body. Lymphocytes whereas more specific role in the immune system are B cells and T cells. Results of the blood picture and survival analysis (Table 1) show that between probiotic Bacillus firmus, Bacillus sp. and controls for this type of blood cell monocytes did not show a significant difference, and still in the womb were normal. The use of probiotics significantly able to increase the content of lymphocytes. So normal that the use of probiotics can improve the survival rate of seeds.

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