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The Difference OF Recirculation Tank System and Water Flow System  For Breeding Parent Stock OF Seabass (Lates calcalifer, Bloch)  

Ahmad Nur Ilham*, Ade Harwono and Yahya
Batam Mariculture Development Centre
Jalan Raya Barelang, Pulau Setoko, Jembatan III
PO BOX 60 Sekupang, Batam 29422
E-mail :  

The development of seabass cultivation , has  great  opportunities because it is supported by the competitive advantage of  our territorial water  that is vary large  includes sea water,salty water and fresh water. The biological characteristic  of seabass  is very advantageous  to be cultivated  because they are able to adapt  to salinitas changes ( euryhaline ). seabass is one of the top of sea fishery   that has high economic value. In addition it has very big market both local and international.

The management of parent stock is one of the first step to get  good quality of eggs  to be used  for maintaining sustainability of seabass seeds. The parent stock of seabass at BPBL Batam  are cultivated by using 2 methods.

1.      Recirculation method

2.      Water flow method

The differences of the both methods  are:

In Recirculation method, the parent stock are cultivated in water tank with capacity 15M3 . Recirculation system of water is implemented  where the  outgoing water from the tank isn't directly flushed out through outlet pipe, but the outgoing water is recirculated  to the cultivation tank .The water is recirculated to the cultivation tank through a series of filtering process among others are,sand filter, bio filter and UV filter.

At the other hand in Water flow method , parent stock of seabass  is cultivated in tank with capacity 15 M3, but the incoming water will directly come out  through outlet pipe without being recirculated into the cultivation tank.

Based on the observation  it is found out that ,in recirculation system parent stock seabass can breed naturally without having environment manipulation, They can breed  for 7-8 days in a raw and the amount of eggs  is bigger than the water flow system.  At the other hand , the water flow systemparent stock seabass can breed naturally but they must be given stimuli such as environment manipulation .They can breed 5-6 times , but the breeding isn't in a raw. In addition the amount of eggs is also less than recirculation system. Based on the water inspection, it is found out that DO in recirculation system is 6,3 -6.9 mg/l. There is no amoniak  in cultivation tank, Ph is around 7.5-7.7., water temperature is 29-29,5 degree Celsius, salinity 33 ppt, total common bacteria is 5.9 x10₂ -9,3 x 10₂ different from controlled tank  that has DO around 4-4.7 mg/l ,NH3 arround 0.3 -0.9 mg/l ,Ph is around 6.6 -7.0 ,salinity is 33 ppt and water temperature is 28-29 degree celcius , total common bactery is 1.19 x10 ᵌ - 10.2 x10.ᵌ  

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