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Navy, H.1, Minh, T. H.2 and Pomeroy, R.S3
1Inland Fisheries and Research Development Institute, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
2 College of Aquaculture and Fisheries, Can Tho University, Cantho, Vietnam
3 University of Connecticut-Avery Point, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, Goton, Connecticut, USA
e-mail: and

Many capture fisheries resources in the Lower Mekong basin of Cambodia and Vietnam have been largely overexploited resulting in the development of aquaculture, especially for snakehead. The snakehead value chain is affected by climate and non-climate factors (such as water development - hydropower dam development) related drivers of change, including increased temperatures, changes in rainfall patterns, changes in the hydrological regime (water levels, duration of flooding, timing of flooding), and more. This study examined the vulnerability of snakehead capture and culture value chains in the Lower Mekong Basin of Cambodia and Vietnam. One of the most frequently cited climate impacts is changing rainfall patterns resulting in severe storms and flooding. The study identified impacts and proposed adaptation strategies for various actors in the value chain. Options to assist the fish farmers and fishers across the value chain include: assisting the farmers in understanding and preparing for the impacts of climate change on their business; the actors in the value chain need to begin working together; the Government should consider reviewing the ban on snakehead aquaculture in order to provide an alternative livelihood to households as an adaptation strategy; and the Government should restrict the law on fisheries, enhance law enforcement and impose heavy fine on illegal fishing in order to prevent the mass destruction of these two fish species.

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