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Emma Suryati , Nurhidayah, Utut Widyastuti , dan  Andi Tenriulo
Research and Development Institute for Coastal Aquaculture .

Introductions superoxide dismutase gene (MaSOD) on seaweed Kappaphycus alvarezii using Agrobacterium tumefacient been done in vitro. Introduction of genes into the genome MaSOD seaweed could reduce oxidative stress changes caused primarily by changes in temperature, salinity and metal contamination in the waters. The aim of this study in the context of the introduction of seaweed propagation MaSOD gene by tissue culture techniques in liquid medium and semi-solid media, shoot regeneration of explants were carried out based on selection media higomisin resistant and transgenic evaluation was performed using the PCR technique, under the control of CaMV 35S promoter. The results demonstrated the efficiency of the transformation on selective media as much as 45%, the efficiency of regeneration of transgenic thalus on selection media 70%, and non-transgenic thalus regeneration efficiency of 80% on non-selective media.

Regeneration and transformation of seaweed propagation MaSOD gene in seaweed K.alvarezii use culture media enriched with different fertilizers as well as the optimal environmental conditions, among others, salinity, pH, light penetration, the ratio of dark and light, as well as the composition of the different growth stimulating substances , The results showed the best survival on medium PES, with a salinity of 30 ppt, pH = 7, 1500 lux light penetration, light dark ratio = 12: 12, and the composition of the PGR is a mixture of IAA and BAP with a ratio of 1:1. Results of PCR analysis showed the putative transgenic K.alvarezii. MaSOD containing transgenes under the control of CaMV 35S promoter

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