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Hamzah, Sugeng Raharjo, Mohd. Syaichudin, Suhardi A.B.S., Mutmainna
Balai Perikanan Budidaya Air Payau Takalar
Jl. Perikanan, Desa Mappakalompo, Kec. Galesong, Takalar, Sulawesi Selatan 92254
Telepon (0418) 2326577, Fax. (0418) 2326777
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Efforts to obtain artificial feed for abalone is feed abalone important to replace the natural food from seaweed Gracillaria sp so the amount and quality of feed abalone do not depend on the season. The aim of the study was to evaluate the level of protein feed on the growth performance and survival of abalone (H.squamata), through the measurement of protein retention rate, the level of feed consumption and feed utilization effectiveness. To observe the protein level of feed for abalone (H. squamata) is important because protein are the largest component in the preparation of artificial food. The size of abalone (H. squamata) was between 40.5 to 45.3 mm with an average weight of 12.98 g 240 for seed. Feed to be used is feed with a protein content of 52%, 43%, 32%, and 22%, for three-month breeding period. Different value of abalone feed protein had no significant effect on the abalone growth performance and survival. The value of good feed protein for abalone (H. squamata) was enlarged by 22%.

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